Havana 2018 - Behind the Scenes - Cars

The cars in Havana are remarkable. Even if in the last ten years more and more new cars are dominating the street scenery, all this old models are bringing back the memories of other times.  Besides the better restored veterans for the tours with tourists, there are also the models maintained with big effort and talent for improvisation, which transport the inhabitants of the city on the main streets. Squeezed between other five passengers you may see there amazing renovations and repairs, or sometimes also the street through the ground sheet. American models as there are Chevrolet, Ford, Buick, Plymouth from the years up to 1960, until the first measures of the embargo of the USA against Cuba came into effect. From there on came automobiles from the socialist countries like Lada and Wolga to Cuba. And a series of motorcycles from East Germany like MZ, TS and Simson, which are still populate the streets in good shape and may be recognized for the trained ear yet from far away.

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