Baseball in Havana

Baseball is a national sport and part of the identity in Cuba. It maybe worth to visit a baseball game in Havana not only for fans of the sport. The atmosphere and the possibility to see the game and the players at a close range, makes the visit a special experience.

The professional league in Cuba was closed in the 60-ties and a amateur championship was established. The players therefore officially are amateurs and they are playing in the province where they are living. Star players are supported financially. There are no occasions where the players can compete with the top-players of the world with only a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is the World Baseball Classic. A lot of the stars sign contracts in the USA and play here in the MLB-professional leagues.

I had the chance to see a game of the Industriales from Havana contra Mayabeque live at the Estadio Latinoamericano in Havana. In the afternoon the stadium was not crowded  and I could walk around a little bit to watch the  game. The people all had chosen seats in the shadow which is why the stadium seems empty at some of the pictures.

By the way this day Mayabeque won the game quite clear. Here for you some pictures and a video with impressions from the game.

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